Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tip of the Day

Hi everyone,

I was recently contacted by someone needing admissions advice, and I wanted to share with you a few free tips about applying to law school.

1. Take some time to craft the reason you are applying to law school for your personal statement. Several months into the semester, the law school I attended held a workshop on how to deal with the stresses of law school. They advised us to remember the reasoning we had listed in our personal statements...yes, all of those rosy dreams you had before you started reading loads of cases and wondering why in the world you decided to go to law school in the first place!

2. The LSAT is not a magic 8 ball. If you do well on a practice test, that doesn't necessarily mean you will enjoy being a lawyer. On the other hand, if you perform poorly on your first practice test, don't throw away all of your law school hopes and dreams. A low score just means you have some work to do to improve your standardized test taking skills.

3. The social scene in "professional" school is different than regular undergrad. Here's a hint...there are lockers. You might be reminded of high school days, only you will have student loans instead of notes to pass around in zero period.

Send me a message if you find these tips helpful. I am always looking for good ideas for legal topics you are interested in.

Have a wonderful day,

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