Friday, April 20, 2012

Studying for the LSAT

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One of my main objectives in writing my book is to give my readers what I wished I had known before I went to law school. Today's topic is studying for the LSAT, and what I found most helpful and not so helpful as I was studying for the LSAT.

Kaplan Courses

I chose to take a Kaplan course to give me the motivation to study for the test. However, the teacher wasn't very good, and the course material jumped around schizophrenically, which didn't allow for mastery of any particular part of the test. Unless the format has changed since when I took it in 2006, the LSAT is half logical reasoning, a fourth logic games, a fourth reading comp, and one wild card section. There is a writing portion, but it is not scored. Kaplan courses are expensive (mine was $1099 at the time I took it, but is more now). I recommend skipping the expensive course and buying access to the online resources Kaplan has. I found that Kaplan's test answer explanations were particularly helpful.

Previously Administered LSATS

You can buy sets of 10 previously administered LSATS, and this is well worth your money. I recommend taking as many practice tests as possible in a timed environment. Once you learn the basic types of questions on the test and the common mistakes, all you have to do is repeat. Score each test and review your answers. Then review your answers some more.

Find a Strategy

Each question on the test is worth the same amount, but some questions are more difficult than others. Don't be afraid to skip around and do the easy questions first to maximize your points. Also, you won't get penalized for guessing, so don't forget to fill in all the answers, even if you are close to running out of time.

Get a Study Buddy

Let's face it, the LSAT is just unfun. You will need someone who knows what you are going through to keep up your morale. Don't worry, the LSAT has nothing to do with your worth as a person or how smart you are. Although the LSAT is an important part of the admissions process, it is not the only factor. Don't beat yourself up. You can do it!

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