Sunday, January 6, 2013

Early Book Review

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a fabulous new year so far! My book, "Tales of a Law School Dropout," is in its final stages of editing and will be available on Amazon Kindle soon.

I have been sending my book out for some early book reviews/blurbs for the back of the book, etc. Here is a sneak preview below!

Like a lot of law students, Gina Akao didn’t do nearly enough research before deciding to go to law school. But unlike a lot of law students, Gina did make the honest and courageous decision to leave law school when she become convinced that becoming a lawyer wasn’t a path that would lead to career happiness. By chronicling in detail her journey into, and out of, law school, Gina’s story reinforces the critical career advice, first uttered by Socrates, that anyone in or considering law school should take to heart: “Know Thyself.”

– Deborah Schneider, Esq, co-author of Should You Really Be A Lawyer? The Guide to Smart Career Choices Before, During and After Law School.

Happy New Year!

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